Carpet Cleaning

3 Rooms & Hall for $99

What is Dry-Foam?

Dry Foam is a low water moisture form of carpet cleaning that applies shampoo to the carpets and uses a dual agitating brush to deeply penetrate the carpet fibers removing dirt, dust and stains from the thickest carpet. 


The deep penetrating brush allows the shampoo to penetrate the carpet fibers removing deep set in stains more effectively.


Dry-Foam uses 80% less water than steam cleaning allowing you to walk on your floors within 2 hours 


Colbert Carpet Care uses certified green cleaning products that is completely safe and non-toxic for your family and pets. 

More Services

Colbert Carpet Care Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Life happens. Our furniture attracts body oils, spills, dust, pet dander, pollens, food debris, and a variety of other things on a daily basis .We deep clean your upholstery removing all dirt, dust, pollen, food crumbs and stains giving life back to your furniture.

Colbert Carpet Care Area Rug Cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning

Beautiful area rugs decorate your home and protect the floor in high traffic areas. Our gentle yet effective rug cleaning process removes the grime and protects the delicate colors and fabrics

Colbert Carpet Cleaning Pet Treatments

Pet Treatments

We love our pets, just look at that face, but pet hair, dander and urine can cause odors and make it difficult to keep our floors clean. Colbert Carpet Care provides room deodorizing and scotchguarding services to freshen and protect your home